Embrace the Friction

Have you ever noticed that life pushes back when you are trying to move forward? Sometimes the harder you push, the harder life pushes back!

Scientists since the 1400’s have been piecing together the laws of friction. We have studied in grade school and beyond the implications of friction in the physical world. While it’s not what’s considered a fundamental force like gravity, it is a very real force that not only affects our lives physically yet it also affects the other areas on our Wheel of Life. (Pictured below)

One definition; Friction can be defined as “conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions.”

Our challenge in life is we must 'Embrace the Friction' to improve areas of our lives. For instance, in order to have a great relationship with a friend, spouse or significant other, we must embrace the friction of differing opinions and personality dynamics for the relationships to grow. Susan Scott in Fierce Conversations is quoted as saying “The conversation is the relationship.” Confusious once said, “The gem cannot be polished without friction nor a man without trials.”

Taking the Keller Williams Mission Statement, “To Build: Careers worth Having, Business worth Owning, Lives worth Living, Experiences worth Having & Legacies worth Leaving” as an example; we can see how 'Embracing the Friction' helps us accomplish just that!

To build a career worth having, an agent must prospect and lead generate. Prospecting and Lead Generation by nature has a friction associated with it. “People don’t want to be bothered”; “They have a friend that’s a real estate agent”; “Insert objection here.” In order to find success, every agent must embrace the friction associated with sales and push thru to building a career worth having!

To build a business worth owning, a lead agent must get into business with people. People bring skill sets and ultimately leverage to help us build big businesses! Just as with any relationship, they bring dynamics subject to friction like prior training, opinions, etc… Embracing the Friction propels growth to a business instead on stunting it!

To build a life worth living, an agent fulfills their goals and dreams. They say, “your dreams lie just outside your comfort zone.” Our comfort zone is usually the place where we stay status quo and live easy yet pursuing a big life means taking risks and ultimately embracing the friction along the journey! Most people are not natural risk-takers and there is a definite friction associated with that.

To build experiences worth having, an agent empowers themselves to provide a lifetime of experiences not only for them yet their friends, family and sometimes strangers! Taking time off from the day to day to fulfill an experience creates friction. We all for the most part understand time is our most precious resource. When we say Yes and choose to spend time building experiences worth having, that means we are saying No to something else which causes friction. Embrace the friction and create the most amazing experiences!

To build a legacy worth leaving, an agent will most likely have gone through hardships. When you think of someone who has left a legacy or an impact on your life, did they have it easy? Was it all handed to them? Or can you see the value that friction brings to ones journey? Friction most likely forced them to work harder, give more, show compassion.

The question is, what will ‘Embracing the Friction’ in your life do for you? Will you shy away from it or will you push through and persevere?