Self Actualization

Early in my career with Keller Williams, Gary Keller introduced me to his Six Personal Perspectives. Through Gary’s research he has discovered that most successful agents have a similar mindset in their pursuit of success; he has summarized this mindset into his Six Personal Perspectives. We teach these perspectives to all our agents so they understand the mindset of top performance and success.

One of the Six Personal Perspectives is to be Learning Based. Top performers know that a subscription in their mind to always be learning based is paramount to success. One of my favorite quotes from an unknown source, “There are essentially two things that will change your life - the people you meet and the books you read.” The concept of being learning based is a quest for knowledge.


The diagram above comes from Keller Williams University’s class on the Six Personal Perspectives. Let me draw your attention to the words in the upper right-hand corner; Higher Self-Actualization. I would define the term self-actualization as knowing with certainty that there is a better version of YOU that you can become. Simply - being learning based.

We all take a journey in life, and I believe there is no true destination. We can always become something greater than we are today. The famous psychologist, Maslow, understood this in his studies and depicts Self-Actualization in his hierarchy of needs. Our needs must be met on each level of the pyramid before we can engage the next level. (Diagram below)


Take the journey! Start the quest! Whether it’s reading a self-help or business book, seeking out a mentor, hiring a trainer or coach, attending a class for the first time or multiple times and so on, growth is necessary to reach new heights.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus

"In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” Lou Holtz

Find your Higher Self-Actualization!