While growing up everyone finds oneself in a conversation comparing who has more scars. This finger had stitches from a skateboarding accident. I broke my foot and had a screw put in. I fell off my bicycle and this scar on my chin is from the fall. I was running and tripped; this scar on my kneecap is from that fall.

I have learned that every scar has an incredible story behind it. The allegory of how this blemish came to be on my body.

“I don’t want to die without any scars.” was a quote from the movie Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. While this movie has a twisted point of view, the meaning in this quote is quite profound. I believe what Chuck was saying is that he wants reminders that he lived an incredible life.

Where am I going with all this, and how does this relate to Real Estate? Along with great success comes great disappointments. A neighbor lists a house with another agent. A family member buys a property not through me. Losing a Million Dollar Listing. Having the commercial deal of the century fall about a week from closing. All these are scars yet do we see them as such?

A young child growing up I did fall off my bicycle and skin my knee as part of the process of learning to ride. I’m sure I cried and it was tragic at the time. A young adult learning to sell real estate I did lose a listing, and I did have a best friend buy a house from someone else. I’m sure I was devastated and it was depressing at the time. Now I realize all of it is just a scar that I have an allegory to tell about.

I have watched people over the years allow the scar to be the roadblock to progression, to opportunity, to abundance. Imagine if every kid that skinned their knee riding a bicycle never got back on the bike. Imagine every new Realtor that lost their first listing or that Million Dollar listing quit and never attempted to list again.

The scar is a reminder that you have Failed Forward in life. Therefore the quote, “I don’t want to die without any scars.” truly means you have lived an incredible life!

While I was writing this article, the United States is dealing with tragedy after tragedy from Hurricane Harvey to Irma to wildfires, etc. I believe the United States is a country of resilience and all the aftermath has created is more scars for people to tell amazing live stories about for years to come!